The Academy Library

The Library is a specialised section of the Academy whose role is to obtain, process and hold library materials and to facilitate the promotion of scientific, scholarly and artistic activities undertaken by the Academy. It also runs an exchange of the Academy’s publications with the publications of other Academies and scientific institutions in Macedonia and abroad. It gathers bibliographic information and collects and catalogues materials relevant to the scholarly, scientific and artistic work of the members of the Academy.
The Library of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts holds more than 160,000 titles, 54,000 of which are monographs and about 100,000 issues of 1,500 journals and magazines, 200 of which are of Macedonian and 1,300 of foreign origin.
The Library is managed by the Library Committee consisting of members of the Academy, who outline general direction and set a policy on acquisition.
The Library exchanges materials with more than 450 Macedonian and foreign institutions. It obtains more than two thirds of its annual acquisition through this kind of exchange.
Its policy is primarily to collect scientific and scholarly publications (encyclopaedias, lexicons, dictionaries, etc.); major works of science and art worldwide; materials from scientific and scholarly conferences and symposia held in Macedonia and abroad, and Macedonian and foreign monographs, magazines and journals.
Since 2007 the library is a member of the library-information system COBISS ( Data for the books purchased for the fund of the library, since 2007 till now, are searchable in the electronic catalog of the Library.

Books are not issued out of the library.

The library is open to customers from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:30.

Tel:  ++389 (0)2 32 35 400
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The Academy Archives

The Archives are a specialised department of the Academy. Their role is to collect, house, process, protect and make available archive materials produced by scientific, scholarly and artistic institutions, by the Academy or its individual members or by other individuals whose work is relevant to the sciences and arts in Macedonia.
The work of the Archives is carried out under the supervision of the Archives Committee comprised of representatives of the Academy’s Departments and Research Centers. The remit of the Archives encompasses the entire territory of the Republic of Macedonia. The Academy Archives are the only independent Archives apart from the official archives of the Republic of Macedonia.
The Archives obtain materials by means of cession, bequest, gift, purchase and deposit and on other legal grounds but always under the supervision and recommendation of the Commission for Examination and Evaluation of Archive Materials.
The Academy Archives are at the moment in charge of 129 individual holdings, the original Academy Archive of 1967, 15 collections and 16 projects.
The oldest fragment held is an Old Slavonic document dating from the 14th century whereas the main body of material dates from the 19th and 20th centuries. The Archives hold materials on the subjects of History, Literature, Ethnology, Folklore, Linguistics, Visual Arts, Architecture, Music, Law, the Economy, Medicine, Heraldry, Biology, etc. The documents and manuscripts are in a number of languages: Macedonian, Old Slavonic, Serbian, Croatian, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, French, English…
The Archives have a library of more than 75,000 books, as well as 118 contemporary manuscripts, 317 rare books, 183 microfilms, 81 magnetic tapes, 300 video and phono records, 125 charters, 140 plaques, 250 musical manuscripts, 122 individual archive documents, a collection of more than 17,000 photographs and a collection of 450 paintings and sculptures.

The Archives is open to customers from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:30.

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