Department of Technical Sciences


  • Solar Electrogenerator (SEGIS), 1993-1995, J. Pop-Jordanov.
  • Study on the Development of the Power System of Macedonia, MANU & Electrotek, 1996-1998, J. Pop-Jordanov, T. Bosevski.
  • Advanced Model for Power System Operation, 1996-98, T. Bosevski.
  • Status and Perspectives of Nuclear Energy, 1996-1998, T. Bosevski.
  • Application of IAEA-planning Methodologies for the Power System in Macedonia, 1997-1999, T. Bosevski.
  • Model for planning the operation of small economically autonomous power system, 1999-2001, T. Bosevski.
  • Thin layer solar cells, 1999-2001, M. Ristov.
  • Hydro power, natural gas and nuclear energy in the Power System of Macedonia, 2000-2002, T. Bosevski.
  • Definition of Operating Regime and Electricity Production Assessment for the HPP Boskov Most / ESM (2001) T. Bosevski.
  • Economic and Environmental Aspects of the Partial substitution of lignite-fired fuel with oil in the existing power plants, OKTA Refinery, 2002-2003, T. Bosevski.
  • Multijunctional solar cells, 2002-2004, M. Ristov.
  • Optimal operation of the power plants in the Power System of Macedonia, MANU, 2007-2009, T. Bosevski.
  • Strategy for Energy Development in the Republic of Macedonia until 2030, Ministry of Economy of RM, 2008-2010, G. Kanevce.
  • Development of Methods for Strategic Planning in Energy Sector, MANU, 2009-2014, Kanevce.
  • Strategy for Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources in the R. Macedonia by 2020, Ministry of Economy of RM, 2009-2010, G. Kanevce.
  • Nuclear Energy Utilization in Macedonia – Strategic Study of the Needs, Benefits and Requirements, Government of the RM, 2011, G. Kanevce.


  • Thermal power plants and development, 1994-1996, J. Pop-Jordanov.
  • Radiation Doses of Inhaled Ash from Lignite Power Plants, Ministry of Science, 1995-1997, T. Bosevski.
  • Energy and Environmental Models, 1996-1998, J. Pop-Jordanov.
  • Advanced model for technological risk management, 1997/99, J. Pop-Jordanov.
  • Negentropy and Sustainable Indicators, 2003/05, J. Pop-Jordanov.
  • GHG Abatement Analysis/Projections of Emissions, 2004/06, T. Bosevski.
  • Noetic indicators for sustainable development, 2006/08, J. Pop-Jordanov.

Information Technologies and Biotechnological

  • Subcell brain processes, 2000-2002, Pop-Jordanov.
  • Computer supported electrobiofeedback – theory and practice, 2001-2003, J. Pop-Jordanov
  • Electric Neuronal Oscillations-Theory& , 2005/07, J. Pop-Jordanov.
  • Electric brain processes and cognition, 2008-2010, J. Pop-Jordanov
  • Electromagnetic technologies and neurocognitive performances, 2009-2011, J. Pop-Jordanov.
  • Modulation of electric brain oscillations, 2012-2014, J. Pop-Jordanov.
  • Diagnosing Vulnerability, Emergent Phenomena, and Volatility in Man-made Networks, 2007-2010, Lj. Kocarev.


  • Transparent conductive thin films, 1993-1995, M. Ristov.
  • Photovoltaic properties of multilayer thin films produced by electroless and spraypyrolysis depoposition, 1996-1998, M. Ristov.
  • Solar Energy Transformations, 1998-2000, Pop-Jordanov.
  • Electrochromism of nikeloxide thin films, 1999-2001, M. Ristov.
  • Inelastic processes and reactions in slow ion-atom and ion-molecule collisions, 2001-2003, R. Janev.
  • Quantum Theory of Atomic-Molecular Collision Processes, 2004-2006, R. Janev.
  • Quantum dynamics of atomic interactions, 2007-2009, R. Janev
  • Development of theory and application of the inverse approach to thermal technique, thermal energy and process technique, 2007-2009 G. Kanevce.