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Center for Strategic Research at the MASA in cooperation with top domestic and foreign professors and experts in the field of law and political studies have founded the Ohrid School of natural law, which is scheduled to take place from 19th to 25th of June 2017 in the scientific and artistic center “Urania” in Ohrid and to last one week. The main objectives of the Ohrid School of natural right are: Expanding knowledge through mutual research experience of students at second and third degree studies of law school and their teachers and mentors in different areas of law throughout integrative approach that brings together: the universal principles and standards of human rights, leading ideas and values of law, democratic values and the rule of law and justice, positive law, the application of law in practice, and justice that by their judgments is served by the Courts in their practice. Within the Ohrid School will be provided scientific training and development of 20 postgraduate students (master studies) and 5 PhD students (third cycle) of law schools from the state and private universities in the country, who as verification of the acquired knowledge will obtain relevant certificates and diplomas that will be crucial in the nomenclature of relevant diplomas acquired in higher education. Center for Strategic Research (MASA) with the support of the US Embassy in Skopje will provide equipment and materials for the uninterrupted work of the students and teachers during the entire term of the Ohrid school of natural law. For completion of the proposed scientific research project “Ohrid School of natural law” in charge is an international programming board of Ohrid School composed of the members of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and its foreign members as well as other associates and heads of schools.

On 10th of April, at the cabinet of the President of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts was held a meeting of the members of the organizing and the programming board of the Ohrid School 2017 together with the representatives of the US Embassy on which were discussed several aspects regarding the forthcoming organization of the school. In the upcoming period will be determined in detail the program and there will be an open call for applicants, for which will promptly be informed through the website of the MASA and the media.

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