Research Center for Energy and Sustainable Development

The Research Center for Energy and Sustainable Development was established as a scientific unit of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts in 1986. Founder of the Center is Acad. Jordan Pop-Jordanov. In 2014 the Center was renamed as the Research Center for Energy and Sustainable Development (RCESD). In the work of the Center participate: six academicians, a scientific advisor, a research associate, an assistant researcher, two junior researchers, and an administrative  secretary.

RCESD initiates, coordinates and conducts fundamental and applied research in the scientifi areas of its domain. In the recent period at the Center has been worked on 95 research projects, whose implementation involved numerous associates from the country and abroad. More than half of these projects are funded by foreign sources, including the European Framework Programs for Research and Technological Development (FP6 and FP7).

In addition to the strictly scientific topics, strategic projects of national character and vital significance for the country were covered:

  • Two Strategies for Energy Development in the Republic of Macedonia, one for the period 2010- 2030 and the second for the period 2015-2035;
  • Strategy for the Use of Renewable Energy Sources in the Republic of Macedonia by 2020;
  • Program for the implementation of the Strategy for Energy Development in the Republic of Macedonia for the period 2013-2017;
  • Инвентар на стакленички гасови и анализи за ублажување на климатските промени во трите Нацио­нални извештаи за климатски проме­ни и Првиот двогодишен ажуриран извештај за климатски промени;
  • Ана­литичка поддршка за утврдување на Националните придонеси кон климат­ските промени за Глобалниот договор од Париз 2015;
  • Моделирање во енер­гетскиот сектор како дел од аналитич­ката и советодавна поддршка за зелен раст и климатски промени.

In the past two decades researchers from the Center published more than 450 scientifi articles in international scientifi journals, numerous papers in monographs and proceedings of international and national scientifi and professional meetings and participated in more than 100 scientifi meetings in Europe, America and Asia. Some of them are members of the Editorial boards of top international journals and scientifi boards of prestigious conferences.

RCESD cooperates with many foreign research institutions in the realization of the international projects. It is the focal point for Macedonia by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and is a founding member of the Regional Group for Energy Planning and Energy Systems Modeling comprised of teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. The RCESD is recognized in the international research community as one of the organizers of the International Scientific Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (VII SDEWES Conference, Ohrid, 2012, over 250 participants from 45 countries) and the First SDEWES Conference for Southeast Europe (Ohrid, 2014, over 120 participants from 32 countries). The center is the seat to the National Committee on Climate Change.

More information about the work of the Center can be found on the website: