Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
„Georgi D. Efremov“

The following projects are in progress::

  • Building scientific research capacity of schizophrenia in Macedonia, fund- ed by the National Institutes of Health, USA;
  • Genetic screening for mutation in GH1 and GHRHR in a cohort of patients with isolated deficiency (IGHD) elucidating the genetic cause (s) for a distinct associated of IGHD and myophaty funded by ICGIB, Italy; 
  • Balkan endemic nephropathy in cooperation with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts;
  • Molecular bases of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Detection of urinary biomarkers of urogenital cancers using 2-D DIGE/ MS and LC-MS proteomic technologies.

The following programs are in progress:

  • Study of molecular defects of numerous monogenic diseases (haemoglobinopathies, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, hemophilia A, spinal muscular atrophy, Huntington’s disease, fragile X syndrome, hereditary deafness, Friedrich’s ataxia, haemochromatosis, cystinuria, phenylketonuria, galactosaemia, Rett syndrome, Darier‘s syndrome, Achondroplasia, etc.);
  • Genetics of infertility;
  • Molecular basis of malignant disease (cancer of the breast, prostate, testes, uterus, lungs, etc.);
  • Quick and noninvasive methods for prenatal diagnosis;
  • Study of DNA markers in the population of the Republic of Macedonia and application in forensic medicine and criminology;
  • Study of infectious diseases (Human Papilloma Virus in women with cervical changes, hepatitis B and C virus infection and its role in the etiology of the chronic hepatic disease and hepatocellular  carcinoma).

In the past 25 years, as a result of the research work in the Center, more than 200 scientific papers have been published, mostly in international scientific journals. The results of the scientific work of ICGIB have been presented with more than 250 posters or oral presentations at international and national scientific meetings.
Since 2001 the Center has been publishing the international scientific Balkan Journal of Medical Genetics.
ICGIB is the first institution in the Republic of Macedonia that has begun to use the techniques of recombinant DNA technology in the diagnosis and prevention of inherited, malignant and infectious diseases and in forensic medicine.
Apart from the research and the applied activities, one of the primary goals of ICGIB is education of young scientists through research. In the past 25 years numerous young scientific personnel have been educated in ICGIB in the field of molecular biology and the techniques of genetic engineering and biotechnology.
ICGIB cooperates with numerous institutions in the Republic of Macedonia, medical institutions from the neighboring countries, and with many scientific institutions from various European and world countries. The cooperation with these institutions includes collaboration on joint scientific and research projects, specialization and training of scientific personnel, invited lecturers and exchange of literature.

More information about the work of the Center can be found on the website: