Lexicographical Center

The Lexicographical Center was established in 2000. The center deals with the preparation and publication of encyclopedic, bibliographical, terminological and other lexicographic publications, as well as the establishing of a database on the Macedonian culture and art.
Numerous projects have been realized within the Center relating to the discovery, research and systemizing of different parts of the Macedonian culture and art. The Macedonian encyclopedia (in 2 volumes), which presents the historical and contemporary entirety of the Macedonian civilization was prepared and published in the Center.
The center is working on two long-term research projects of fundamental importance. The first is the preparation of the Macedonian scientific and professional terminology, which ultimate goal is the preparation of final lexicographic editions of the working terminology materials in the Bulletin Macedonian terminology, of which 113 issues have been published so far. The second is the work on the macro project History of the Culture of Macedonia, which studies the overall material and spiritual culture on the soil of Macedonia from prehistoric times until today. The research results have been published in 23 books so far.
In the Lexicographical Center, apart from the numerous external collaborators, constantly are engaged one assistant researcher, one junior assistant researcher and a technical secretary.