Department of Linguistics and Literary Science

The Department covers the following scholarly and scientific fields: Linguistics, Literary Sciences, Philology, Folklore and other related fields.

Department members:

  • Vitomir Mitevski (Ancient Literature: Philosophy, Epic Poetry, Historiography, Byzantine Literature),
  • Gjorgji Pop-­Atanasov (Macedonian Church Literature, Biblical Studies, Hermeneutics, Church Hymnography, Hagiography),
  • Zuzanna Topolińska (Linguistics and Slavic Studies),
  • Kata Kjulavkova (Theory of Literature and Literary Hermeneutics).
  • Marjan Marković (Macedonian Studies, Slavic Studies and Balkanistics).

Corresponding member of the Department is:
Veselinka Labroska
Liljana Makarioska