All the basic activities of the Academy are undertaken under the auspices of its six departments:

Departments review the situation in the relevant scientific, scholarly and artistic fields, and give opinions on and make proposals for the furtherance and the application of contemporary scientific knowledge and the results of scientific research. They discuss proposals for the publication of the artistic achievements and scientific research of members and other works submitted to the Academy for publication. They also decide which articles are to be included in the departmental publications and nominate articles for publication in other journals issued by the Academy. The departments initiate and evaluate the various scientific and scholarly projects undertaken by the Academy. They put forward proposals for the organisation of scholarly and scientific conferences and symposia, art exhibitions and other cultural events, confirm the programmes, of work, propose candidates for full, corresponding, honorary and foreign membership of the Academy and decide on the nominations for full membership made by institutions of higher education as well as by other scientific and artistic institutes and organisations.

The scholarly, scientific and artistic projects of the Academy’s members are undertaken through the following departments and research centers.