The Academy’s supreme body is the Assembly of all of its members. The Assembly is in charge of passing the statutory regulations regarding the organisation and general activities of the Academy such as its Statute, Financial Plan, the establishment of departments and scientific, scholarly and artistic units, etc. The Assembly elects the President, Vice-President and Secretary of the Academy as well as a number of the members of the Presidency.
It also elects full, corresponding, foreign and honorary members of the Academy. The election of members takes place every three years by a majority vote in secret ballot of the Academy’s full members.
The members are independent in their scientific and scholarly research and artistic work and are elected for life. They achieve their scientific and artistic activities within the departments and research centers of MASA.
The organisational structure of the Academy includes the Presidency, Executive board, six departments, eight research centers, two technical units (Academy Library and Academy Archive) and the Academy’s Secretariat

Organizational structure of MASA 2014- see here.