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Acad. Boro Mitrićeski was born on 10th of May 1927 in Prilep. Secondary school of art finished in Skopje in 1948/49. The first knowledge of sculpture and statuary he received from Professor Dimo Todorovski. He enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and continued his education at professors Grga Antunac and Andrija Krstulović. In 1954 he graduated in the class of professor Vanja Radauš. He returned to Skopje where he uninterruptedly work and create. Acad. Mitrikeski was working as an art teacher and then as a freelance artist. From 1979 to 1984 he was director of the Art Gallery “Daut Pašin Amam” in Skopje on which position stayed until he retired. He realized study trips in France, Italy, England, Greece, Russia, Spain, Austria, the United States and Canada.

Acad. Boro Mitrićeski has organized a large number of solo exhibitions, mainly in Macedonia and the Former Yugoslav Republics, and on group exhibitions he has presented the Macedonian sculpture in numerous art centers in the country and the world such as Alexandria, Belgrade, Vienna and others. He is a member of the group called Dawn.

In the past 60 years Acad. Boro Mitrićeski has realized over 350 works such as figures, nudes, compositions, torsos, then portraits and sculptures, small sculptures (made of wood, marble and bronze). Especially have to be emphasized his creation of 10 monuments and memorials, of which should be mentioned: “Foundry”, a sculpture of metal in Skopje; Monument “Karpoš” made of marble in Kratovo; Monument of NOB in Delčevo; Fountain “Dojran” in Dojran;  Monument “Cyril and Methodius” made of bronze at the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius “, Skopje and others.

Acad. Mitrićeski is actively dealing with the so-called intimate plastic or sculpture in gallery format. In his artistic expression he uses durable materials such as bronze, wood and marble. Acad. Mitrićeski has directed his work in two directions: the first on is of the big plastic and the second one is of intimate or plastic of interior, i.e. sculpture in gallery format.

In the portraits “Mother,” “Blaže Koneski”, “Lazar Licenoski”, “Petar Mazev” and others very successfully captures the character and psychological expression of personality while the approach to the treatment of plastics in the figure is more stylized and simplified, with stressed lyricism and softness, which persistently follow the structure of material. Acad. Mitrićeski is inspired by the near and distant national history where are included the sculptures and relief portraits of Ss. Clement and Ss. Cyril and Methodius, then portraits of reformers, especially portrait and the figure of Marko Cepenkov. As motivation and lasting inspiration for author are present Ilinden Uprising and National Liberation Struggle during the Second World War.

Acad. Boro Mitrićeski holds a prominent place in the Macedonian art as a member of the so-called middle generation of Macedonian painters and sculptors, a generation that brings a radical change in our plastic creation, bringing it closer to the most current flows of the contemporary European and American sculpture where he realized portraits, cameral lyrical forms, reliefs, monumental sculptures and compositions which represent the lasting value of Macedonian sculpture in the past six decades.

Acad. Boro Mitrićeski has won many awards, namely: State award “11th of October”, award “Nereski Masters” of DLUM and others.

As a Full member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts he was elected on 26th of July 1997.

Acad. Boro Mitrićeski passed away on 24.11.2018.