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Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Žvan village
Membership in MASA:
Full member, 1996
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Acad. Božin Pavlovski was born in 1942 in Žvan, Demir Hisar. He finished primary school in his birth place, secondary education in Bitola and graduated literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje on the University in Skopje.

He is the author of 19 highly esteemed novels (“Miladin from China”, “Stand and Flea”, “West Aust”, “Red hypocrite”, “The neighboring owl”, “Return to fairy tales”, “Moving graves”, “Novel about my departure”, ” Egyptian dream book”, “Journey with the beloved One”, “Agony”, “Scents of a nurse”, “Call me Goodbye”, “Beauty and the Marauder”, ” luminous Flux”, ” Winter in Summer “, “The Horn of love”, “Gardener”,”Desert” and “America, America”), two books of short stories ( “Fantasti” and “Ludisti”), three books of articles, essays and columns (“Longing for my first homeland”, “Back to Reason” and “Black Rose”), travelogue “Macedonians beyond the equator”. He has written the script for the famous documentary film “Australia, Australia” and he is a winner of many national and international awards.

His novels are carriers of several national and international literary awards: “Inter-Balkan Award for Literature” in Greece, Award “Excelsior” to boost European prose in Romania, Award “Zeljezara Sisak” in Croatia, Award “Youth” in Serbia. Two of his works have been awarded with the “Racin Award”, two are awarded with “Stale Popov” and two with the award for best-selling book of the International Book Fair in Skopje. He has received awards “Kocho Racin”, “Spiritual Warrior” and “Prose Masters” as well as “Gotse” and “Pechalbar’s Charter.”
His novel “Moving graves” was published in the edition “Pearls of World Literature”, while “West Aust” is the first Macedonian novel published in French in Paris and 15 other languages. His rich opus of works have been published in over 60 publications in other languages.

Acad. Božin Pavlovski was a triple winner of the state award  “October 11” in Macedonia: in 1971 for the highest achievements in culture and art as the founder and head of the “Misla”, in 1979 for the novel “West Aust” and in 2008 for lifetime achievements in the arts. He is a winner of the gold medal with a crown for outstanding achievements in culture and art that has been delivered within the former federation of Yugoslavia.

In his works Božin Pavlovski is preoccupied with our modernity and its literature is one of the overarching paintings of social, political and spiritual situation of our time, firmly linking the fate of the Macedonian people in the homeland and in the large diaspora.

Acad. Božin Pavlovski is one of the most translated Macedonian writers in other languages. For his work are published numerous essays, studies and reviews not only domestically but also abroad.

Novels of Acad. Božin Pavlovski achieved Macedonian and international recognition by the high circulations that interested and attracted numerous readers audience and after extraordinary interpretations of the best-known critics of the country and the world.

His stories are represented in all anthologies of Macedonian short stories. For the works of Acad. Božin Pavlovski have been written reviews by the prominent critics and essayists, such as, Milan Gjurčinov , Georgi Stardelov, Gane Todorovski, Mateja Matevski, Kata Kjulavkova, Blagoja Ivanov, Vlada Urosević, Radovan Pavlovski, Miodrag Drugovac, Vladimir Kostov, Ante Popovski, Dimitar Solev, Petar T. Boskovski, Eftim Kletnikov, Hristo Georgievski, Mitko Madžunkov, Goce Smilevski, Sande Stojcevski, Branko Cvetkoski, Vele Smilevski and other literary figures, as well as prominent foreign authors: Alain Bosquet, Pierre Gamarra, Dinu Flamand, Jan Kefelek, Peter Craven, Christian Gidicheli, Darius Novacheanu, Artur Silvestri, Sveta Lukic, Cheda Mirkovic, Marko Nedic, Srba Ignjatovic and others.

Acad. Božin Pavlovski in 1965 has founded the publishing house “Mislа” (Thought), which was the guiding light of the accelerated development of book publishing activity in the country. Respectable “Publishers Weekly” from New York in 1980 included it among the top ten publishers in Europe.

In 1990 in Melbourne (Australia) academician Pavlovski has founded the Publishing Corporation “AEA”, which publishes the weekly newspaper “Australian Macedonia Today” and “Australian Macedonian Weekly”. This are the only Macedonian weeklies published on the free market out of the Republic of Macedonia.

As a corresponding member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts he was elected on 7th of October 1988 and as a full member was elected on 20th June 1996.