Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Garnikovo village, Kavadarci
Membership in MASA:
Full member, 1996
Institute of Old Slavic Culture, Prilep
Field of expertise:
History and Linguistics


Acad. Blaže Ristovski was born on 21st of March 1931 in the village of Garnikovo, Kavadarci. He has graduated high school education Kavadarci and Prilep (1950). In 1955 he graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of the University “St. Cyril and Methodius” (Group of History of literature of the peoples of Yugoslavia with Macedonian Language).

With research work he begins to engage after enrollment on the studies, whereas he published his first research paper in the then journal of the Department of South Slavic Languages “Macedonian language”. As a regular student, he was editor of the monthly magazine “National Health” and Head of the Press Institute for health education in Skopje (1953-1955). After military service and one year of lecturing in Kavadarci (1956/57), he returned to Skopje and worked as a language editor of Radio Skopje (1957-1961).

He was elected lecturer of Macedonian language and Macedonian literature lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana (1961-1966), and led the lectures of Macedonian language and literature at the Pedagogical Academy in Maribor (1965-1966).

After the defense of the doctoral dissertation “Krste P. Misirkov – life and work “(1965) he was elected director of the Folklore Institute in Skopje (1966). He established and edited the magazine “Macedonian folklore” (1968-1978). Founder and president of biannual International Symposium on Balkan folklore in Ohrid (1968-1978). Acad. Ristovski has organized a successful field outreach activity of collecting Macedonian folklore (in Macedonian and minority languages), and conceived the publishing activities of the Institute of Folklore.

As а scientific advisor he transferred with his work post at the Institute for National History 1977-1991), where he managed team of cultural history and then the Department of Balkanology. He was elected first vice president of the first government of the independent Republic of Macedonia (1991-1992) and until retirement he was a scientific advisor to the Institute of Old Slavic Culture (1993-1995).

Acad. Blaže Ristovski was a member of the editorial staff of the magazines “Etnologia Slavica” (Bratislava), “Demos” (Berlin), “People’s creativity – Folklorе” (Belgrade), “Views,” “Contemporary”, “Journal of the Institute of National History” , “Contributions” of the Department of Linguistics and Literature Science of MASA (Skopje) and others.

As a researcher of Macedonian literature, language and national history and folklore in Macedonia, acad. Ristovski has published more than 80 books for the development of the Macedonian cultural and national thought and more than 1,300 articles and other contributions in various anthologies and magazines in the country and abroad. Issued his “Selected Works in 10 volumes” (2011-2016) and as editor published the first national “Macedonian Encyclopedia” (I-II, 2009).

His scientific research interests steer in several thematic relations and affecting the specifics of the emergence and development of the Macedonian people and the Macedonian cultural and national thought to its final affirmation; research of the history of the Macedonian written and literary language, literary history and folklore. Monographically explores and affirms the cultural and national figures from the XIX and XX century: Krste P. Misirkov, Dimitrija D. Cupovski, Nace D. Dimov, Gjorgjija M. Pulevski, Petar D. Draganov, Marko K. Cepenkov, Koco Racin, Nikola J. Vapcarov, Vasil Ikonomov, Todor Sopov and others. In his works he brings on the new documentary facts, scientific argumentation and analytical and critical approach to sources and literature thus he presented to the scientific community string manifestations, events etc. processes and a whole plethora deserving figures and personalities of the Macedonian cultural and national history. Acad. Ristovski is the Co-author of five school books on history for primary and secondary education.

He was president of the Association of folklorists of Macedonia and the Association of folklorists of Yugoslavia and the first vice president of the Board of Balkan Festival of Folk Songs and Dances in Ohrid (1967); member of the Commission for Foreign Cultural Relations, Vice President of the Association of university teachers and researchers of SRM, President of the Council of the Philosophical-historical faculty etc.

He has twice been a one-semester visiting professor of Macedonian language, history and civilization at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (Sorbonne III) in Paris (1986 and 1992).

As a associate member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts academician Ristovski was elected on 7th of October 1988 and as a permanent member on 20th of June 1996. He is elected as a full member of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences in Moscow (1993).

Academician Ristovski is a winner of “October 11” for his first book “Krste P. Misirkov “(1966); award for Slavic studies “Pushkin” by the President of the Russian Federation; gold medal for Scientific Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2012) and a gold medal from the rector of the Kharkiv National University (2012).

Acad. Blaže Ristovski passed away on 28.11.2018.