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Date of birth:
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Membership in MASA:
Full member, 1991
Faculty of Philology „Blazhe Koneski“ in Skopje; European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzburg, Austria.
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STARDELOV, Georgi (Gevgelija, 28 August 1930), philosopher, aesthetician, essayist, literary critic, anthologist, theorist and historian of culture. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade (1953). Obtained PhD in philosophy at Skopje University (1965). Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje (1966–1995), its Dean (1975–1977), first Dean of the Interdisciplinary Studies in Journalism (1977–1981), President of the Philosopher’s Association of Macedonia and of Yugoslavia, President of the Writer’s Association of Macedonia and President of the Macedonian PEN Centre. Honorary member of the Association of artists in the Spanish Royal Academy and regular member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Guest professor at several Yugoslav, European and American universities. Corresponding member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (1986), its regular member since 1991, its Vice-president (2000–2004) and President (2008–2011). Head of the Lexicographic Centre in MASA since its establishment (2000). Founder and head of one of the most comprehensive and significant humanistic and interdisciplinary macro projects of MASA „History and Culture of Macedonia“ (since 1993). Recipient of several domestic and foreign awards and recognitions. Author of over 30 important books in the field of aesthetics, history of aesthetics and essays. Author of many poetry and prose anthologies. Translated and edited numerous capital philosophical works and authors. He has achieved most notable results in the field of applying philosophical hermeneutics in the analysis of literary and artistic phenomena.

Major works:

Essays (1958)
The Modern and Modernism (1962)
Worlds (1969)
Antej in Search of Soil (1971)
Age of Controversy (1977)
Between Literature and Life (1981)
Experimentum Macedonicum (1983)
Weary Avant-garde (1985)
Introduction to Future (1986)
Experiences (1987)
Portraits and Profiles (1987)
The Breaking of Strength (1990)
Summa aestheticae (1991)
Antej Touches the Soil (1993)
Ten (1994)
Kerubin’s Tribe (1995)
Grandeurs (1997)
Nonbeing (2000)
Temptations of the Aesthetic Mind (2003)
Balkan Aesthetics an Other Aesthetics (2004)
Angelus Novus (2004)
Night Gardener (2006)
Heavenly steward (2008)
Do You Hear, Kainavelijci? (2010)
Words. Ephemeris (2011)
Summa aestheticae I – Southslavic aesthetics; Summa aestheticae II – Balkan aesthetics an other aesthetics; Summa aestheticae III – History of European aesthetics of the XX century (2015)