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Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Nistrovo village near Gostivar
Membership in MASA:
Full members, 2006
Full emeritus professor of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Field of expertise:
Chemical Sciences (structural chemistry)


Аcad. Gligor Jovanovski was born on 17th of July 1945 in the village of Nistrovo, Gostivar. He finished primary school in Mavrovo and Pedagogical School in Skopje. On the Natural Sciences Faculty (studies in chemistry) graduated in 1969 and earned master’s degree in 1974 on the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Zagreb where he has studied in 1981. Since 1971 he is permanently employed at the Institute of Chemistry of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, passing all academic and scientific titles – from assistant to full professor. For a full member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts elected on 10th of May 2006.

Acad. Jovanovski has taught the subjects Structure of atoms and chemical bonds, Structure of molecules and Crystal chemistry on the graduate studies and the subjects Test methods of solid substances and methods of scientific research work on postgraduate studies at the Institute of Chemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Skopje. It is notable that Acad. Jovanovski has conceived and introduced for the first time subjects of Crystal Chemistry (graduate studies) and Test Method of Solid substances (postgraduate studies). On several occasions, in the survey of students Acad. Jovanovski was pointed and elected as the best professor of the Institute of Chemistry at PMF.

The main scientific preoccupation of Acad. Gligor Jovanovski is the structural chemistry, where his results are achieved, almost equally, using crystallographic and spectroscopic methods, often enriched with theoretical considerations. He is a prominent crystallographer (educated in world-renowned center in Zagreb) and active spectroscopist, a combination that is rare not only in our country but worldwide.

Acad. Gligor Jovanovski is the author or coauthor of 204 papers, of which 186 scientific papers published in fifty world renowned journals of an influence (including Journal of the American Chemical Society, Angewandte Chemie, Journal of the Chemical Society – Chemical Communication, Structural Chemistry, Solid State Sciences, Inorganic Chemistry, Current Organic Chemistry, Crystal Growth and Design, Journal of Materials Science, Acta Crystallographica B, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, Spectrochimica Acta A). He has published 18 articles. In addition, on scientific conferences and events Acad. Jovanovski, in collaboration with senior and junior associates, presented 220 communications, sectional or plenary lectures (130 gatherings abroad), and held lectures on foreign universities. So far, he participated in the development of 45 research projects (13 international), of which on the three international and eight domestic he has been supervisor. He participated in two projects to promote education. He has published five monographs, a university textbook and two university practicums. Acad. Jovanovski has reviewed dozen schoolbooks for secondary education and hundreds of papers in about 20 renowned international scientific journals with impact factor and 4 domestic magazines.

Although he has worked on the research of different systems, two different main lines of research characterize the scientific work of Academician. Jovanovski.

According to the number of published papers, and echo that they had on the first place are the studies of saccharin and its salts and derivatives, as well as the related compound tiosaccharin. Namely, the 88 articles published by Jovanovski and associates in various world magazines dedicated to the structural aspects of the chemistry of saccharin, tiosaccharin and their salts and derivatives, comprise a significant share of the total number of papers published in the world dedicated to this issue.

In the next large group of 62 papers Acad. Jovanovski presents the results of the study of minerals from Macedonia, some of which are extremely rare worldwide. Research in this area are pioneering because it is for first time to approach on systematic examination of structural minerals from our country. By spectroscopic and diffraction methods, atomic absorption spectrometry and other methods so far are studied around 90 minerals found in Macedonia, with the ultimate goal of these complex studies was to issue a monograph which will include structural and minerological characteristics of minerals from Macedonia and to make possible more complete mineralogical collection. The monograph has been published in 2012, and a collection of minerals exposed at the Institute of Chemistry of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (approximately 500 samples) is the most complete in Macedonia, meanwhile a collection of minerals from Macedonia is set at the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences (approximately 100 samples) with high aesthetic value.

The remaining 35 papers Acad. Jovanovski refer to structural and spectroscopic studies of various other inorganic, organic and metal organic compounds or the pharmaceutical preparations.

The great degree of citation of the results of scientific work of Academician Jovanovski (according to Web of Science – Cited Reference Search, the number of citations of papers of Acad. Jovanovski is about 2200) shows that his works are widely known and have influenced scientific thought in the field of structural chemistry – the one in which he operates. That, in turn, speaks not only for the reputation he has as a scholar, but also for the reputation of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Acad. Jovanovski has been mentor on two doctoral theses, five masters thesis work and more graduate works, where have to be emphasized that even the results of graduate thesis whose mentor is Akad. Jovanovski almost always are published in reputable international journals.

Acad. Jovanovski stayed about 5 years on foreign universities (4 years at the University of Zagreb and about 1 year at Uppsala University) and has completed two shorter stays in universities in Siegen and in Sofia. He is a member of the Union of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia, the Croatian crystallographic association, then the European crystallographic Association and the International Union of Crystallography. He received the Order of Merits with Silver Star, then the state award “Goce Delčev” and many other awards.

Acad. Jovanovski, among other things, was the dean and vice dean of  the Faculty  of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Skopje, Head of the Institute of Chemistry and head of graduate studies at the Institute of Chemistry at PMF in Skopje, secretary of the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Biotechnical Sciences at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as well as member of the Presidency of MANU.

He was editor of The Journal of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia. Currently, he is chief editor of Contributions of – Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Biotechnical Sciences and member of the editorial boards of two international journals in the field of structural chemistry (chemical sciences journal and international research Notifications – Analytical Chemistry) as well as member of the Publishing Council of the Macedonian magazine of chemistry and chemical engineering.