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Full member, 2000
Faculty of Technical Sciences in Bitola
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Acad. Gligor Kanevče was born on 3rd of January 1946 in Ohrid. He graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade in 1969 and obtained PhD degree at the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad in 1982. From 1970 to 1983 he worked at the Institute “Boris Kidric – Vinca” and as an assistant at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade from 1975 to 1980. In the period from 1983 until his retirement in 2011 he was employed at the Technical Faculty in Bitola, where he worked as a professor teaching the subjects of: Thermodynamics, Sustainable Energy Development, Energy and Environment, Nuclear reactors and industrial dryers on graduate studies and the subjects: Transfer of heat and mass, Processes of combustion and heat transfer and mass in the power plants, Dryers and Pollution and air pollution on the post graduate studies. He is full professor since 1989. In 2013 he was elected as the first Professor Emeritus at Ss. Kliment Ohridski University in Bitola. From 1995 until 1997 he was the dean of this faculty. From 2007 to 2013 he was the president of the Macedonian National Committee of the World Energy Council and from 2012 he was head of the Research Center for Energy and Sustainable Development at MASA.

Acad. Kanevče has published over 200 scientific papers in the country and abroad in the field of energy, environment, Thermotechnology, thermoenergetics, processes and measuring equipment. His scientific and applied activity is expressed multidisciplinary and according to the dominant contribution can be divided into several main areas: theory of drying, drying systems, measurement methods, fluidized layers and furnaces for heat treatment, ablation processes and modeling in ecology. In his scientific opus he has explored the following issues: measurement of fluctuations in the speeds and temperatures in turbulent flows with statistical signal processing; testing and thermodynamic characteristics of current thermoagregates, dryers and other appliances and thermo technical development of appropriate measurement methods and installations; Experimental and theoretical examination of the processes of heat transfer and colloidal matter-capillary porous  bodies; Development of furnaces for heat treatment in fluidized layers; development of systems using lignite and lignite dryers; development of mathematical models to calculate the velocity field of temperature and the outflow of cooling water in the condenser plants; the study of the processes of heat transfer and mass flows of gases with high temperatures and speeds that lead to detachment of the walls; Development of physical and mathematical model of scraber plant and mathematical modeling of the distribution of pollutants from chimneys of thermal power plants.

The scientific work of Acad. Kanevče represents a combination of theoretical and experimental research. For conducting the experiments he has realized greater number of rigs with appropriate measurement systems. Also significant is the number of experiments conducted on real objects. The results of the experiments are embedded in the development of relevant physical and mathematical models. His extensive scientific work is getting into the area of fundamental research in several areas. Of particular significance are the results of his theoretical and experimental research of the processes of drying.

Most of the works of Acad. Kanevče have direct applicative purpose. He is engaged in the development of measurement methods and systems for measuring temperature, humidity, speed and flow rates in industrial plants. The developed measurement methods of physical quantities of importance in Thermotechnology have wide application. Especially noteworthy are the works which are studying the systems for drying whose results are reflected in a number of different dryers types and purposes. Special contribution of Acad. Kanevče is accomplished in perfecting the family of vertical dryers for granular products and in perfecting and expanding the application of rotopneumatic dryers.

Acad. Kanevče has initiated, managed and participated in the implementation of many research and application projects and has made extensive international cooperation.

Research in the area of fluid beds resulted in the construction of industrial furnaces for heat treatment. The study of convective chamber furnaces for heat treatment resulted in a design solution of a furnace with homogeneous temperature field. His works in the field of ecology have direct applicative value. Program package of MADAM is developed for the purpose of the legislation in Macedonia and used in the preparation of environmental studies for modeling the spreading of pollutants from chimneys of thermal power plants. In the last ten years within the Research Center for Energy and Sustainable Development at the Academy, Acad. Kanevče deals with the realization of strategic projects of national character and vital for the country in the field of energy and its impact on the environment.

The scientific work of Acad. Kanevče contains high theoretical, experimental and applied achievements, renowned in Macedonia and abroad and verified in industrial practice. Notable is his pioneering role in organizing scientific research, doctoral and master studies and raising young scientists of Bitola University.

He is a member of international and domestic scientific councils, committees and associations, editorial and organizational boards of journals and symposia.

As a Full member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts he was elected on 10th of May 2000.