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Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Veliko Gradište
Membership in MASA:
Full member, 1974
Faculty of Electrical Engineering; New York Academy of Sciences, USA; European Academy of Sciences and Arts (Salzburg, Austria); Mediterranean Academy - Naples; World Academy of Art and Science (2005).
Field of expertise:
Electrical Engineering


Acad. Jordan Pop-Jordanov was born in Veliko Gradište, Serbia, on 23th of November 1925. He finished high school in Štip. In 1956 he graduated philosophy on the Faculty of Philosophy (with an average grade of 9,94), and in 1960 he graduated Technical Physics on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade (with an average grade of 9,32). Acad. Pop Jordanov has earned PhD in Electrical Engineering in Belgrade in 1964. He was on vocational training in England, the Soviet Union and Switzerland. Since 1960 he was working at the Institute “Boris Kidrič” in Vinča on several scientific posts and managed a group of young researchers. In 1971 he transferred to the Electrical Engineering University of Belgrade, where he stayed as full professor until the end of 1983 when he returned in Skopje.

On the graduate and postgraduate studies in Electrical Engineering in Belgrade he taught subjects of atomic and statistical physics, energy microphysics and quantum electrodynamics. At the same faculty he has established the postgraduate section for solar energy, first in Yugoslavia on this issue. He taught on the postgraduate studies at the Natural Sciences Faculty and the Faculty of Philosophy and the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies at the University of Belgrade, and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Skopje. He is the author of university schoolbooks “Imbalanced Statistical Physics” (1981) and “Quantum Electrodynamics” (1983), as well as several books in the country and abroad. He has published over 300 scientific and research papers mostly in international scientific journals and monographs, most of which are in the field of neutron physics, electrical engineering, energy and sustainable development, brain electricity and philosophy of science. He participated in several international conferences in twenty countries in Europe, America and Asia, often as an invited expert. He has realized a significant number of scientific projects, of which over 20 had an international character. His results are used in many foreign articles, monographs and doctoral dissertations.

His major scientific contributions are related to neutronics (“Method of Pop Jordanov” for termalisation of neutrons has been published in the prestigious publication of the United Nations half a century ago), electricity (multidimensional interpretation of surrounding risks); solar energy (quantum models of thin films), sustainable development (non genotropic  concept and mental performance indicators); neuroscience (brain electricity and mental quantum spectra) and the philosophy of science (interpretation of micro particles  dualism).

He is a member of editorial boards and reviewer for several international journals, and referent for selection of professors at universities in Europe and America. Acad. Pop Jordanov was editor of the magazine “Radovi” (of the Institute of Physics at the University of Belgrade) and director of the International post-masters summer school in reactor physics, organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

He has won several awards, including: Annual award of the Vinca Institute for individual scientific achievement (1964); Jubilee Award in Vinca Institute for Development of science (1968); Award WREN-UNESCO for best paper at the World Congress on Renewable Energy in Denver (1996); The innovative award of the World Foundation “For outstanding contributions to science and humanity” (2003) and others. Acad. Pop Jordanov holds a Memorial 1941 (as a participant of NLS during WW2 in Macedonia), Order of Merits for Macedonia (2007), Medal of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (2008) and others.

He was president of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Vinca (1969-1970) at a time when it was the most renowned Institute research center in southeastern Europe, as well as Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade (1977-1979). In 1993 he has founded the Research Center for Energy, Informatics and Materials at MASA which he managed until 2012 which has developed into an internationally affirmed a “center of excellence”. He was president of the Macedonian National Committee of the World Energy Council.

Acad. Pop Jordanov is a member of five foreign academies, including: New York Academy of Sciences (USA), the International Academy of Science (Munich, Germany), the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (Salzburg, Austria), the Mediterranean Academy (Naples, Italy) and World Academy arts and Sciences (San Francisco, USA). He is honorary member of the World Innovative Foundation, Philosophical Society of Macedonia and others.

As a corresponding member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts he was elected on 25th of December 1969 and as a full member of 26th of December 1974. In the period from 1984 to 1991 he was president of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts.