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Full member, 2012
Full professor emeritus at the Medical Faculty in Skopje
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Acad. Nada Kožinkova Pop-Jordanova was born on 17th of March 1947 in Skopje. She finished elementary and high school in Skopje as the best student of the generation. Parallel to graduating high school she has also finished secondary music school on the department for violin. Acad. Pop Jordanova completed her studies of medicine on the Medical Faculty in 1970 with an average grade of 9.88. After the mandatory medical internship and passing the exam she spent a year working as a volunteer at the Mental Health Institute for Children and Youth. She was hired at the Pediatric Clinic in 1972 and in 1977 became a doctor-pediatrician. In 1982 she graduated psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje (with average grade of 9) where she defended her diploma work “Drawings as projective technique in children with organic diseases.”

In 1983 she defended her doctoral thesis “Psychological factors in idiopathic adiposity among school children” under the mentorship of prof. Vaska Doneva through which for the first time in pediatrics was introduced the psychosomatic approach in the etiology of diseases. Working for many years in the Department of Gastroenterology under the guidance of prof. Ratka Vlaški, in 1987 Acad. Pop Jordanova gained the title sub-specialist in gastroenterology.

Nevertheless, her interest in psychological medicine and Psychosomatics motivate her to upgrade and improve in this particular area thus she had realized short stays on appropriate institutions in Vienna (1988), Sofia (1988), Zagreb (1989, 1990), Novi Sad (1989 ), Belgrade (1991), then in Tokyo (2000) and Imperial College – London (2003). All these visits have complemented her knowledge of medical psychology and child neuropsychiatry. One school year (1992-93) as a visiting professor she stayed in Lausanne, Switzerland, in the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, mainly at the departments of development and mental health problems among young people. There, she worked with renowned Prof. Ansermet and prof. Bachard who are eminent experts in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry. During this stay she was involved in local professional teams dedicated to the work of mental health among young people.

In 1995 she has established the Department of Psychophysiology which she headed until her retirement (2011).

Working and publishing scientific and research papers in the field of mental health and psychophysiology she has become internationally recognizable name which is indicated by her selection as a regular member of the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine (1994), European Association for Research in Adolescence (1996), Swiss Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (1996), International Organization of Psychoscoiology (1997), International Society for Neuronal Regulation (2002), Society for Applied Neuroscience (2004), Society for Seflregulation and Biofeedback (2005).

In 1996 for the first time in Macedonia and in the wider region she has introduced computerized biofeedback method in the assessment as well as in the therapy of various psycho physiological disorders. In addition, she collaborated with top experts in this area such as Lynda Thompson (Toronto), Jury Kropotov (St. Petersburg), Berry Sterman (California), Olga Bazanov (Novosibirsk), Andy Muller (Zurich), John Gruzelier (London), John Roy (New York) and others. At the same time, she has introduced for the first time in the Balkans the method of quantitative electroencephalography with brain mapping.

In the teaching activity Acad. Kožinkova Pop-Јordanova has passed all stages of the progression from assistant (1978-84), docent professor (1984-90), associate professor (1990-96), professor (1996-2011), and she had run the Department of Pediatrics as its chief in two terms (1999-2003).

Acad. Kožinkova Pop-Jordanova has published over 400 scientific papers, and in more than 85% of the works she is the sole or first author. Most of the papers are published in international scientific journals. The scientific activity of Acad. Kožinkova Pop-Jordanova consists in the realization of 16 international and six domestic projects as well as with participation as a member of working groups in several international projects.

She is a member of these foreign Academies: New York Academy of Sciences, USA (1997), the World Academy of Art and Science, USA (2006) and the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzburg, Austria (2012).

As a full member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts she was elected on 4th of June 2012.