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Membership in MASA:
Full member, 2009
Faculty of Philosophy
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Ancient Literature: Philosophy, Epic Poetry, Historiography, Byzantine Literature


Acad. Vitomir Mitrevski was born on 14TH of October 1951 in Kumanovo where he completed his primary and secondary education. In 1975 he graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of Philosophy, and in 1985 graduated at the same Faculty on the course of Classical Studies. Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade (1983) on the topic of Nietzsche and ancient Greek philosophy, and defended his doctoral dissertation on the Poetry of Homer and Prlicev in 1990 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje.

His first work placement was a professor of philosophy in “Georgi Dimitrov” high school in Skopje (1976-1977), then he worked as a dramaturge in the Drama Theater (1977-1980). Since 1986 he works at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje on the Institute of Classical Studies. As an assistant lecturer he held exercises in Ancient Greek (1986-1990), then as an assistant professor (1990-1995), associate professor (1995-2000) and full professor held lectures and exercises in ancient literature (ancient epics, philosophy and historiography) and Byzantine literature.

On the plan in the society he was hired as secretary of the Association of Societies for ancient studies of Yugoslavia (1986-1990) and served as president of the Society of Classical Studies Living Antiquity from 2002. He was co-organizer of several national and international conferences and scientific meeting of the Association of Societies for ancient studies of Yugoslavia (1989), International Conference Antiquitas viva held in Ohrid (2000), the International Scientific Conference Classic – Balkanistics – Paleoslavistics (MANU, Skopje, 2005).

He is the author of twenty books. In the area of ancient philosophy he has published the monographs: Heraclitus, Plato’s doctrine of the Soul, The Soul and Spiritual Life in Antiquity and the early Middle Ages, and especially stands out his author’s edition in 10 books titled Ancient philosophy and its impact. He published several books on epic poetry (ancient, Byzantine and Macedonian epic) and Macedonian abstractive (philosophical) terms.

In his works of philosophy, his basic philosophical position is that the ancient culture and philosophy are crucial for understanding the man and his status in the world. The problem of the soul and its care is one of the central themes of ancient philosophy. In comparative studies of epic poetry indicates the he essential links between the ancient, Byzantine and Macedonian epic and its genesis. He is an advocate for greater presence of lexical richness of Cyril and Methodius tradition in building the Macedonian philosophical terminology.

Acad. Vitomir Mitevski is a translator of a number of works on classical languages (Hesiod, Heraclitus pre-Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epictetus, etc.).

He was founding editor of the journal Theatre Herald (Skopje, 1977-1980), and he is editor in chief of the international scientific journal of Classical Studies Living Antiquity (Skopje) starting from 1991.

Winner of the City of Skopje Award “13th of November” for 2008.

As a full member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts was elected on 27th of May 2009.