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Date of birth:
Place of birth:
G.Crsko, Kičevo region
Membership in MASA:
Full member, 2009
Full professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje
Field of expertise:


Acad. Vlado Matevski was born on 4th of December 1953 in D. Crsko, Kicevo. He completed primary and secondary education in Kicevo. In the academic year of 1972/73 he enrolled at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in the group of biology and graduated in 1977. He defended his master thesis on the topic Taxonomy and chorology gender THYMUS L. in Skopje Valley at the Biological Faculty (in Skopje 1982), while his doctoral dissertation entitled Taxonomy and chorology of Sect. MARGINATI (A. Kerner) A. Kerner genus THYMUS L. in the flora of SR Macedonia under the supervision of academician. Kiril Micevski, was defended at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje (1987).

In 1980, he was employed as a trainee at the Institute of Botany at the Biological Faculty in Skopje, as assistant he was elected in 1983, then he was appointed as an assistant professor in the group of subjects of systematics and phylogeny of higher plants in 1988, as an associate professor he was appointed in 1993 and as a full professor was appointed in 1998 and on the same position he was re-elected in 2003. In 1993-1995 he was head of the Botanical institute and Botanical Garden, and in 1995 served as head of the Institute of Biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje. In the period 1995-1997 he was Vice Dean for Teaching and Learning of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, in 1997-1999 he was Head of double subject studies of biology and chemistry, and in 2001-2003 he was member of the Senate of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius “in Skopje.

During the preparation of the master’s work and doctoral dissertation he stayed on study visits on many occasions in Austria – Naturhistoriches Museum Vienna (1979- 1985). He was on study stays in the Faculty of Biotechnology at the University of Ljubljana, Herbarium of National Museum in Sarajevo, Botanical Institute of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Zagreb etc. It should particularly be separated his long and fruitful collaboration with his colleagues from the Biological Institute “Jovan Hadzi” at ZRC, SAZU, Ljubljana, where for many years he stayed in this institution within the Macedonian-Slovenian joint projects. As a member of the state delegation in charge as the President of the National Committee for Biodiversity of Macedonia he participated on the V. Conference of the countries signatories to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Nairobi, Kenya (2000). He was president and secretary of the Union of Biosystems Society of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as President of the National Committee for Biological Diversity of the Republic of Macedonia.

He participated in several international scientific botanical associations (OPTIMA Eastern Alpine-Dinaric Society for the Study of vegetation, etc.), national associations (Association of Bilogists of the Republic of Macedonia, Macedonian Ecological Society) and others. He was a member of the scientific board of various international scientific events (VI, VII and VIII Symposium on flora of Southeastern Serbia and neighboring areas, III Balkan Botanical Congress held in Sarajevo (2003), IV Balkan Botanical Congress in Sofia (2006), V Balkan botanical Congress which was held in Belgrade (2009), VI Balcan botanical Congress in Rieka (2015), symposium on Eastern alpine-Dinaric Society for the study of vegetation – Otocec, Slovenia (2003), and others. He is a member of the international Editorial Board of the scientific journal Attachments (MASA, Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematical and Biotechnical Sciences and Department of Medical Sciences), Hacquetia (Slovenia), Natura Montenegrina (Montenegro), Phytologia Balcanica (Bulgaria), Biologica Nyssana (Serbia), Biologia Serbica (Serbia), Journal of Natural and Technical sciences (Albania). He organized the 35th symposium of the Eastern Alpine-Dinaric Society for the Study of Vegetation in Ohrid (2013), as well as the Regional International Conference – The system “Prespa Lakes – Ohrid Lake”: The actual state – problems and perspective (Struga-Pogradec, 2013) . He is a member of the Committee for Mapping the Flora of Europe, Helsinki, Finland.

Scientific and research activity of Acad. Vlado Matevski takes place in the area of floristics, taxonomy and phytocenology. He published 146 scientific papers (64 papers in foreign journals, 30 papers in journals with influence factor). He is author or coauthor of 5 monographs – Flora of the mountain massif of Dobra Voda (1995), Flora and vegetation of the Macedonian steppe (2008), Flora of the Republic of Macedonia, 1,6 (2005); 2,1 (2010), Forest vegetation of the Galičica mountain range in Macedonia (2011). He participated with about 120 abstracts or scientific announcements at a number of congresses and symposiums (75 presented at international gatherings abroad). He described (independently or in a co-authorship) over 25 plant taxa and over 50 plant communities, new to science, from the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and the Balkan Peninsula. He participated in the realization of over 20 scientific-research projects. He directs the project “Flora of the Republic of Macedonia” and has managed 10 other projects as well as 8 Bilateral International Projects (with the Biological Institute at the ZRC, SAZU, Slovenia, the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and others).

For his long-term teaching and scientific work and activity, he has won many recognitions, awards and prizes, such as the state award Goce Delcev (2011), Acknowledgment from GEF (Global Environment Facility) – Program for Small Grants in Macedonia (2015) , The recognition Keys of Prespa (2016), Award in Recognition of Outstanding Contribution and Dedication to the Development of Ecology and Environmental Protection in Macedonia (from the Macedonian Ecological Society, 2016), Plaque from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics on the occasion of 70 years from existence (2016) and others.

As a Full member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts he was elected on 27th of May 2009. Since 2013 he has been a member of the European Academy of Sciences based  in Salzburg.