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Full member, 1983
Full professor emeritus at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts-history of world drama and theater; Member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language - New York; Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg; Member of the Norwegian Academy of Literature and Freedom of Speech (2005); Honorary member of the Albanian Academy of Sciences (2006); Corresponding member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (2007)
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Acad. Mateja Matevski was born in 1929 in Istanbul, Turkey. The years of his childhood he spent in Gostivar and became an active participant in the National Liberation War from 1942.

Upon the liberation he studied high school in Tetovo and Skopje and then he studied in Belgrade and Skopje, where he graduated at the Faculty of Philology (1956). Later (1962/63) at the Institute for Theater Studies in Paris he studied the modern French theater and drama. Acad. Matevski worked as a journalist at the Radio Television Skopje (curator of cultural and literary program), then as an editor in chief and director of television and director general of Radio Television Skopje (1967-1977); he was the president of the Commission for Foreign Cultural Relations (1977- 1986) and member of the Presidency of SRM (1985-1986). He was a teacher at a vocational school, an editor at the publishing house “Koco Racin” (1961-1962) and a professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts on the subject History of World Drama and Theater (1975-1985). He was a member of the Macedonian editorial board of the Encyclopedia of Yugoslavia (editor of Theater, Film, Radio and Television).

Starting from 1951 he has published several books of poetry, literature and theater criticism and essays, as well as 50 books of translations of poetry and translations of drama and prose texts in several languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Albanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian). He is one of the most famous Macedonian poets in the world. His poetic works are published in all European languages as well as many of the languages of other continents. It is thought that with “Rain” (1956) he has laid the foundations of modern Macedonian poetry, although in it could be heard the enduring poetic resonance of antiquity and eternal prefiguration of the human tragedy in the scope of the meaning of man’s tragic survival on the Earth and the longing for wholeness of existence .

Acad. Mateja Matevski is the winner of the Award of the Writers’ Association, two awards of the Struga Poetry Evenings – “Miladinovci Brothers”, state award “11th of October”, award of the “Macedonian book”, Award for poetry translation “Grigor Prlicev” at the Struga Poetry Evenings, the Award for translation work of the Assembly of the Municipality of Tetovo and the Charter “Blaze Koneski” for outstanding creative achievements of paradigmatic character with permanent marks in the development processes of the Macedonian literature and significant insights into the literary and cultural centers in Europe and in the world which is awarded by the Writers’ Association of Macedonia. He is Winner and holder of French accolades “Legion of Honor” and “Art and Literature”.

Acad. Matevski is a founding member of the Struga Poetry Evenings, of the Racin Meetings, the Ohrid Summer Festival and their president for several years. He was president of the societies of friendship of Macedonia and France, Macedonia and Norway, Macedonia and Turkey, President of Writers Association of Macedonia and the Macedonian PEN Center (then its honorary president), editor of the literary magazine “Young Literature” and “Reviews”. Acad. Matevski is a corresponding member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language in New York (2002) and the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (2007), then a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg (2003), the European Society of Culture in Venice (2004) and the Norwegian Academy of literature and freedom of expression (2005) anda honorary member of the Albanian Academy of Sciences (2006).

As Corresponding member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts he was elected on 14th of May 1979, and as a Full member he was elected on 21st of November 1983. From 2001 to 2003 he was president of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts.