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Full member, 2022
Faculty of Philology „Blazhe Koneski“
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Full professor


Corresponding Memeber Marjan Marković’s is a Macedonist linguist, Slavist and the Balkanist. In the center of his scientific interest is the study of the Macedonian dialect and standard language in the past and today in the Slavic and Balkan context.

Corresponding Member Marjan Marković was born in Skopje on 7th of February 1967. He finished secondary education in high school “Josip Broz”. In 1987 he enrolled at the Faculty of Philology “Blaže Koneski” in Skopje University and graduated in 1991 gaining the title “Graduate student in Macedonian language in Polish language and literature”. In 1995 he defended his master thesis entitled “Macedonian and Aromani verb system in the speeches of the Ohrid-Struga region” under the mentorship of Academician Božidar Vidoeski. In 2000 he defended his doctoral dissertation “The Language of the Aromanians Frasheroti in Ohrid-Struga region (in the Balkan context)“, under the mentorship of prof. Dr. Victor Friedman. The dissertation was published in the edition of MASA in 2007.

Corresp. Mem. Marjan Marković for more than 20 years is involved in the work on linguistic projects of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. In 1991, after graduation, Acad. Vidoeski included him in the work on the project of International linguistic atlases, which encompass General Slavic Linguistic Atlas (OLA), a project of the International Committee of Slavonic Studies (ISS), Atlas Linguarum Europae (ALE) which then have included the already completed General Carpathian dialect atlas (FCTC ). From January 1992 to September 1995 corresp. member Marković worked on the aforementioned projects as a scholar of the Ministry of Science and education, and since September 1995 he became a permanent associate fellow of MASA on the Project of International linguistic atlases. In the years 2004-2007 he even led the project.

Today, prof. Marković is the official representative of Macedonia in the International Committee of the OLA at the ICC and leads the Macedonian working group in the Commission. He is not only responsible for the interpretation and presentation of the Macedonian linguistic material on the maps of the Atlas, but also actively participates in the development and deepening of the concept of the Atlas. He is also a representative of Macedonia in the international commission of ALE.

In 1998 after the death of Acad. Božidar Vidoeski, prof. Marković, together with Acad. Zuzanna Topolińska and prof. Dr. Victor Friedman is the author of the initiative for the establishment of the Research Center for Areal Linguistics at MASA, and since 2000, ie since the establishment of the Center is active in the project the Place of the Macedonian language in the Slavic and Balkan linguistic world. On his initiative and on his conception are spread the activities of the Center by founding the Digital Archive of the Macedonian language, Digital database for Macedonian dialects (in the type of digital dialect dictionary), Digital collection of texts from Macedonian dialects (interactive map) thus besides the traditional also the electronic publishing is spread. In the last two years corresp. mem. Marković by the decision of the Presidency of the Academy was appointed as the official co-ordinator of projects of ICAL. In 1995 corresp. mem. Marković was employed at the Faculty of Philology “Blaže Koneski” of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, where he is now a professor of subjects: Dialectology in Macedonian, Balkan linguistics, Contemporary Macedonian language. In the years 2003-2004 he carried out the position Vice Dean for education, and in the years 2008-2009 he was Associate Dean for International Cooperation. In 2013 he received the award for the best scientist of the University for 2012.

In his individual scientific work corresp. mem. Marković from the beginning shows interest in a few lines of linguistic research: (1) the organization of space in the Macedonian dialect and standard language; (2) history of the Macedonian verbal system in the Balkan context: formal and semantic evolution of the system, notably the semantic and grammatical categories of type and period, and (3) etymology and analysis of semantic motivation of individual lexemes in selected segments of Macedonian lexical fund. With his creativity, linguistic intuition, practical and theoretical knowledge of Slavic and Balkan languages corresp. mem. Marković contributed to upgrade and develop the existing scientific knowledge of these areas. Many of his linguistic studies have analytical character, specific topics, and clearly exhibited results.

Bibliography of coressp. mem. Marković has over 70 published positions plus more than a dozen texts submitted for printing in prominent and referent journals. His published scientific studies could be grouped as follows: publications on the mechanisms of determining the static location of subjects, on which can be upgraded dynamic spatial information; studies dedicated to the Macedonian-Aromani contact changes in the scope of the verbal system; contribution of coressp. mem. Marković in the discovery of plausible arguments and explanation of the occurrence known as “doubling the prepositions” in several university manuals of Macedonian dialectology; several high school manuals of Macedonian language and literature edited on the existing scientific literature; maps of General Slavic Linguistic Atlas, which means thoroughly staged interpretation of established etymology and morphological structure of several hundred lexemes registered in 850 settlements distributed throughout the Slavic linguistic territory, which testifies to the wide linguistic and Slavic knowledge of the author. In print (at MASA) is his new book The spatial relations in the Macedonian language (in the Balkan context).

The good knowledge of major languages: English, German, Russian, numerous studies published in renowned journals, active participation of numerous scientific conferences at home and abroad, ensured coressp.mem. Marjan Marković with extensive contacts and high position in international linguistic circles. He is sought as a representative of the Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonian language in many international projects, among which the project Evolution of Semantic Systems – EOSS, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and others. Aforementioned knowledge of several languages allows him to regularly monitor new professional literature, to follow new trends in world linguistics and engage in scientific discussion with known and unknown foreign colleagues – linguists, Slavist and the Balkans.

Of great significance for the Macedonian linguistic environment is the didactic and pedagogical work of corresp. mem. Marković  and in that context his ability and skills to organize team work (training, education, workshops). He knows how to draw the interest of the students, to establish personal contact with them, to assure them in the deep sense of what is required of them in their studies, as well as their engagement in projects of the Research Center for Areal Linguistics “Božidar Vidoeski”. On his initiative, at the ICAL there are constantly student volunteers not only help in the realization of scientific activities of the Center, but also to learn practical linguistic work, application of IT technology, etc. His lectures are always well attended, and his performances at scientific conferences arouse discussion and often lead to new scientific endeavors.

As a Corresponding member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts in the Department of Linguistics and Literature he is elected in 2015.