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Acad. Radovan Pavlovski is a poet, essayist and travel writer. He was born on 23rd of November 1935 in Nis, Serbia. In 1940 his family returned in Železna Reka, from where it originated, in the area between Gostivar, Kičevo and Poreče in western Macedonia, where he spent his childhood. He finished primary education in Železna Reka and high school in Gostivar and studied law and literature at the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius “in Skopje.

In 1955 for the first time he published verses from Železna Reka in the newspaper “Young Fighter” and the magazine “Young Literature”. From 1956 to 1959, in addition to regular studies at the University he worked as a journalist-translator of the daily news of Radio Skopje. From 1959 to 1962, he worked in the newspaper “Nova Makedonija” as a journalist, translator and literary critic of the culture section.

He devoted his life to poetry which he creates for more than six decades. In 1952 in the journal “People’s Health” for the first time was published his poem “Zagonetka” (Riddle) and from the summer of 1955 he has destined himself for the world of poetry producing the first songs from the collection “Drought, wedding and moving“. Besides writing poetry he works in other arts by drawing sketches, drawings, cartoons and sculptures. His working career began in December 1956 when he was employed as a translator-journalist in Radio Skopje (Tanjug) and then in 1959 in “Nova Makedonija”. From 1964 to 1982 he lived and worked in Zagreb, Croatia, and from 1982 to 1985 in Belgrade, Serbia. In Macedonia he has returned in 1985.

For his creative path and poetic unity with his life and work in December 1960 he realized a trip to the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean: Cyprus (Famagusta), Syria (Latakia), Lebanon (Beirut), Egypt (Alexandria and Cairo), then in 1981 he was on a three-month study stay in Paris and then in Prague from 27th of July to 27th of August 1979 he studied the Czech language, literature and culture on the seminar of the Summer School at Charles University as a scholar of the Czech government and the Union of Czechoslovak writers. Greater significance for his creative experience also have these visits: in 1973 with the Yugoslav literary delegation he realized fifteen day visit to the USSR visiting poetry meetings in Moscow, Tashkent, Samarkand, Volgograd, Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and with the participation on the Days of Macedonian Culture in England in 1979 where he performed on poetry meetings in “Riverside studio” in London, Oxford, Bradford, the town of Hay on Way in Wales and on the north in Norwich, where he wrote a travelogue.

He is a Member of the Writers ‘Association of Macedonia, the Macedonian PEN Center and was a member of the Writers’ Union of Yugoslavia. In 2006 he was elected as a Full member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Acad. Pavlovski is the author of the following books of poetry: “Drought, Wedding and Moving” “Korabia“, “High Noon“, “Climate and Lyre“, “Lake Land“, “Through the crack of the Sword“, “Sun about the snake doesn’t know” (in Croatian), “Feast” (in Croatian), “Grains“, “Lightning bolts“, “Guard patrols“, “Magic boy“, “Plague“, “Keys“, “Marena” “Poetry I and II” (selection of poetry), “Unlocking the road” (selection of poetry), “Foundation stone“, “Grains, Lightning Bolts and Keys” (trilogy), “God of the morning“, “the Castle of the Rose” (selection of poetry), “Light“, “Space children” (poetry for children), “Rider of the sound“, “Son of the Sun“, “Shield“, “On One Eye “, “Switch man of Lights“, “the Lord of the pen“, “Ocean in a drop “, “Protection Charter“, “Hymns“, “I am time“, “My Star” (collected works in 3 volumes) and “Eternity happens“.

Acad. Radovan Pavlovski co-authored the manifesto “Epic on the vote” and author of “Manifesto of Poetic Republic of Železna Reka” and the travelogue book “Unlocking the road“, the book of essays “What can poetry do?“, “Democratic Jungle” (political essays), “Message of the poet to the poets of the world” and “the Poetics of the campaign of Alexander of Macedon in the civilizations” (study).

He is the winner of the Awards: “Miladinovci Brothers” (1965, 2002), “11th of October” (1971), “Koco Racin” (1975), “Charter of migrants” (1990), “Goce Delchev Charter” (1991), “Aco Shopov ” for best poetry book (1995 and 2014), Scepter of DPM (2002) and Acknowledgment of Struga Poetry Evenings for the promotion and development of the poetry festival (2011). Also he has won the international awards “Mladost” (Yugoslav award for “Drought, Wedding and Moving” (1961), “Golden string” (Yugoslav reward to an anonymous competition for “Železna Reka“, 1975), “24th Disova’s  spring “(Yugoslav award for poetic opus – chosen poetry “Boy who is sleeping at noon“, 1978), the jubilee Plaque of 50th  Disova’s spring (as laureate in 1987) and “Risto Ratkovic “(Yugoslav award for his collection of poems “Foundation stone“, 1988). In 1972 on the poetry competition in Croatia, the manuscript of the “Feast” was awarded for its high artistic values, and the poetry collection “Grains” was declared ас the best book for 1975 by the Yugoslav Radio Television – Department of Culture. In 2009 he was awarded with the international prize “Shakespeare” for literature, called “Primordial winner”, which is granted by the International bibliographic center in Cambridge, England.

American Biographical Institute named him as a Person of the Year for 1997 as “eminent person mentioned in internationally and nationally recognized biographical works”.

Acad. Radovan Pavlovski has won global recognition for lifetime achievement in 1998 (ABI – USA). In the thirteenth edition of the International publication “Who’s who among intellectuals” by the International Biographical Center based in Cambridge, England in 1999 published a detailed biography and bibliography of the life and creative work of Academician. Radovan Pavlovski.

The works of Academician Radovan Pavlovski are translated into more than 50 languages and included in various anthologies of contemporary Macedonian, European and world poetry.

Several books with his poetry have been published and translated in Macedonia and abroad: in Serbian, Albanian, Slovenian, Turkish, French, English, Russian, Czech, Romanian, Esperanto, Swedish and Bulgarian.

As a Full member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts he was elected on 10th of May 2006.