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Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Nižepole village
Membership in MASA:
Full member, 1996
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Acad. Vasko Taškovski was born on 31st of August 1937 in Niže Pole near Bitola. He finished Primary school in Resen and in 1958 graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Skopje.

In 1959 he enrolled at the Academy of Applied Arts, majoring in graphics, in Belgrade. During the studies he shaped his education with prominent teachers Bodag Krshic, Pera Mladenovic, Mate Zlamalik and the last two years he was in the class of the famous Miahil Petrov, where he graduated in 1964.

After graduating from the Belgrade Academy of Applied Arts he returned to Skopje and is actively involved in the arts and painting life of the country. He was working for more than 20 years as a set designer in the Macedonian Television where he has performed countless scenic solutions for movie, theater, music festivals and stage solves many talk shows. At the same time he was working on art solutions for books, magazines and textbooks.

So far he has organized 22 solo exhibitions in Macedonia and the former Yugoslav republics, in Cairo (Egypt), at the Cultural Center of the Yugoslav Embassy in Paris.

Acad. Vasko Taškovski with his paintings in numerous group and collective exhibitions successfully presents the Macedonian art. Almost there is no group exhibition in our country or abroad on which participated Acad. Taškovski where his work on canvases were not either highly praised or rewarded by the expert and art criticism. He has participated in over 150 group and collective exhibitions in almost all continents in numerous art centers.

The art critics, art historians, poets, writers and others for this prominent painter of the third generation of Macedonian painters have written hundreds of pages as one of the most attractive representatives of his and other generations of painters.

Standing in front of the canvases of Acad. Vasko Taškovski we face with the issues whether the human consciousness is an own kind of universe in the overall partially riddled and therefore more riddling universe or what is the relationship between the instigator of thought and infinity? In his paintings the view of the universe is a view of elation and fear of darkness and passion to penetrate the mysterious spaces. Acad. Taškovski with his painting is an extension of today’s living classics of fiction Lem, Bradbury, Lucas. On his canvases we meet characters in which we partially recognize Bosch, Ernst, Klee, Dali. Acad. Taškovski is a supporter of the almighty magic lines and colors. Pleasing this alchemy of painting academician. Vasko Taškovski gets us out from the chains by which we are pressed by the modern life and brings us into his own autochthonous painting art world.

His 350 paintings in oil technique and more than 1,000 drawings, prints and watercolors, each for itself and within itself has its own secrets and mystery. Moving from one figure to another in the artistic world of Acad. Vasko Taškovski the predominant area of his painting, which almost is not unease from the man, do not allow us to come round but are absorbs in us thus opening countless questions.

Acad. Vasko Taškovski has developed the poetics of his painting on the experience of many of our local and overseas related masters, giving to the fantasy world his own accents. Occasionally in this world will recognize traditionalism of the so-called magical realism in which there are no definitive formulas and no logical historical and biological basis. Such traditions are transformed into personal undoubtedly artistic achievements with great aesthetic importance. They are process of creation and prayer for the permanence of art. These traditions are grip that brings closer the related painters delimitating them at the same time by their individuality in seeking and finding their own paths. On such a path towards the unknown steps Acad. Vasko Taškovski with a silent call to join as we have joined those who have excited us by their discoveries of the possible and the impossible.

For his tireless creativity and works painter Acad. Vasko Taškovski has won numerous awards and accolades, but his greatest recognition as well as one of the greatest honors which have received the Macedonian painting in general, is a representation of his paintings as the representative of this part of Southeast Europe in the anthological display of fantastic painting art of the world.

As a Corresponding member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts he was elected on 21st of April 1994, and as a Full member he was elected on 20th of June 1996.