We are pleased to announce that we will be discussing “Gender Equality Plan Development: Fulfilling the Horizon Europe requirements and beyond!” with invited guests from the European Commission, the Regional Cooperation Council and representatives from research performing organisations from several countries.

WBC-RRI.NET organises an event dedicated to gender equality issues in research performing organisations in the Western Balkan countries as a means to estalbish a knowledge sharing and mutual learning platform on “Gender” as one of the RRI priorities.

This initiative for mutual learning is important and timely because participating in Horizon Europe will require a much deeper understanding of gender equality issues as well as plans for institutional development on the topic, so called Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) which become an eligibility criteria for participation in this prestigious programme (starting with all deadlines in 2022).

July 2, 2021 starting at 10.00-11.30

We will dedicate the first 45 minutes on providing information on current developments in Gender Equality, giving presentations – and in a second session of 45 minutes, we aim to discuss the launch of a working group and informal exchange of information.

Online, on zoom

Who is it for?
The event is dedicated to all researchers, policy makers and practicioners dealing with research across the Western Balkans (and the EU).

Please register here: https://wbc-rri.net/gender-equality-event/